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We offer proven digital marketing campaigns with one goal in mind. Quality leads,  for your small business.


Pay Per Click campaigns for Local - Regional small businesses. 

EXAMPLE: Your business only needs to target Houston, TX, St. Louis, MO,  maybe just Phoenix, AZ, then this campaign is just your size. 


We put your Ad in front of your customers when they are searching on a local level for your product or services.


The Advantages of Paid Search Ads Versus SEO Organic Listings.

With paid ads we can achieve top of page positioning almost immediately, which means you can start seeing results right away. Paid ads are the only type of advertising that puts your ad in front of customers the moment they're ready to buy.


Small Business Services


  • Pay Per Click Management (Google Adwords or Yahoo)

  • Custom Web Pages or Landing Pages

  • SEO  Search Engine Optimization

  • Regular Meetings with your Account Manager

  • Small Business Development Services

  • No Long Term Contracts



Everything you need to get your small business's Digital Marketing to launch. 



With over 936 million daily active users (DAUs), according to Facebook, there has never been a more important time to have a social media presence.

Social media can be the best and least expensive way to reach the exact audience you want. In addition to keeping a close relationship with your loyal customers aka Facebook followers, we have the ability to show News feed ads to almost any demographic including, age, gender, behavior, interests, school attended, education level and more. With the social media landscape growing at 17% per year, having a social media presence is crucial for business growth.

Designing Display Ads

Example: Do's and Don't

Always keep your ads simple, clever and to the point. Many businesses want to cram as much information into an ad as possible. The over all goal should be to catch your prospects attention and drive them to your website or call you.

Here is a example of a recent advertisement for St. Louis Marketing Group. This ad was designed and strategically placed to capture St. Louis Cardinals fans attention for the upcoming baseball season.


Always have a clear vision of who you want to reach.

(Age, Gender, Location, Income, etc.)

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We understand that as a small business owner you want to try and highlight every service you offer.

The use of too much Information and poor quality of the display ad will only hurt your business. Let's face it, it's not professional and it gives the impression that you're not professional either.


Instead of cramming everything you offer into an ad, direct the prospect to a page on your website that explains what services you offer.

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